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Jack Yiannakou's delicious brunch dish & wine pick

Extremely talented young Jack Yiannakou is the head chef of Bistrot 55 Restaurant in Limassol, successfully renowned for offering unique gastronomic dining experiences as well as delicious and original brunch dishes in the weekends. 

One of Jack's favourite wines is Ferrari Trento DOC Demi - Sec paired with Bistrot 55's signature  Foie grass and strawberry canapés 

Discover the recipe


800gr Foie gras / Strawberry marmalade / Cauliflower macadamia purée/  Strawberries/  Crispy brioche / Basil leaves


Foie grass:

Marinate the foie gras with : 1tbsp salt / ½ tbsp sugar / 1tbsp five spice / ½ tbsp cognac and 2 tbsp of dessert wine

Clean and marinate the foie grass for 5 hours . cook at 56c  for 20 minutes , pass through sieve and mold to semi-sphere molds and leave to set in the refrigerator.

For the dipping:

Bring to boil 300gr of strawberry marmalade  with 3gr kappa, and dip your foie gras semi sphere until completely cover.

For the strawberry marmalade: 

500gr strawberries / 100gr sugar / 100gr Amara Rossa Orange Licquer / 20gr lemon juice / A pinch of  salt

Cut the strawberries into wedges add to the pan and cook with sugar and amara until syropy, blend with lemon juice and salt , pass through sieve. 

For the Cauliflower macadamia puree

110gr leek ( white part) / 1 pcs cauliflower / 10 grated macadamia nuts / 1ltr heavy cream  / 1tbsp salt / ½ tbsp white pepper

Chop leek and cauliflower and bring everything to boil until cook , strain and blend.

Strawberries :

5 strawberries  cut into brunoise

Crispy brioche:

Cut into 1mm thick and then into rounds , bake at 160 celsius for 8 minutes.


Add a dot of cauliflower puree at the crispy brioche then place your foie grass semi sphere on top and garnish with strawberries brunoise and basil leaves.


About Jack Yiannakou

Work Experience: 
Bistrot 55 ( cyprus) head chef 
The cove restaurant New York -  Head chef 
Gabriel Kreuther New York - Chef de partie
Four Seasons Hotel Limassol 

Higher Hotel Institute Nicosia - Culinary Arts Diploma
Organisations, Competitions & Volunteer Activity:
Team captain of Junior Culinary Team  Cyprus  2015-2016  
Gold medal at Culinary World Cup Luxembourg 2014
Medallion de excellence at Euroskills cooking competition Lille France 2014 
Silver medal at Culinary Olympics Erfurt Germany 2016