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Champagne Épernay - CHAMPAGNE LECLERC BRIANT Biodynamic

It was Lucien Leclerc who, in 1872, with vineyards that were part of the dowry of his young wife Adèle, founded the Leclerc Estate in the village of Cumières, on the banks of the river Marne, near Epernay. It was transformed into a champagne trading house in 1955 by Bertrand Leclerc, the great grandson of Lucien and the fourth generation of vignerons, together with his wife, Jacqueline Briant. In the same year, as the business grew, the company adopted the name House of Leclerc Briant and moved to Epernay where it still occupies the original premises in Rue Chaude Ruelle.

In 2012 the company was acquired by an American couple who are lovers of the French Art de Vivre in conjunction with some French investors from Champagne. Leclerc Briant, the ultimate Bio-Chic House, is recognized for its ‘savoir-faire’.