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Loire Savennieres - VIGNOBLE DE LA COULÉE DE SERRANT Biodynamic

Exclusive property of the Joly family, the vineyard of Coulée de Serrant alone is a controlled appellation of only 7 hectares. The vineyard was planted in 1130 by Cistercian monks and today consists of vines aged 35 to 80 years. Always considered as a rare and unique product, the Coulée de Serrant was celebrated by Louis XI and Louis XIV as one of the best French white wines. The vineyard is cultivated partly by hand and by horse because of the stiffness of its slopes overlooking the Loire. Since 1984, the entire estate has been cultivated according to the methods of biodynamic agriculture. Three wines are produced in small quantities on the property and benefit from the principles of biodynamic agriculture: the "Coulée de Serrant", the "Clos de la Bergerie" and "Le Vieux Clos".