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Dry Wines & Dessert Pairings - Sugar me up baby
 by George Loukakis

George Loukakis is one of the most known Sommeliers in Cyprus currently holding the title of Head Sommelier at Limassol's Park Lane Hotel with previous experience as Group Sommelier at Columbia Restaurants, Scorpios Mykonos and Elounda Beach Hotel in Crete. He is also WSET Certified educator, a WSET diploma student and also a winner of the Cyprus Best Sommelier competition.  
Our question -  Can dry wines be paired with desserts? The answer is definitely YES with capital letters. So let's discover his favourite pairings & tips.

For George, making the perfect dessert & wine pairing can be an incredible way to end a memorable evening.  If there is any food group that needs smart pairings, then it’s sugary goodies.

When it comes to pairing food and wine, the secret is to consider wine as an ingredient. It adds that little “extra.” Wine enhances taste, creating an entirely new flavour profile.

Creamy Custard Pie (Galaktompoureko)

A dessert that is having high intensity of aromas and flavours, weighted yet balanced. My all-time favorite is a Beer, search for IPA style like 32 Via dei Birrai Audace. The citrus character along with the bitterness will play the game. 

Do also try a Sparkling Vouvray such as Domaine Huet's Brut Vouvray. The acidic bite that comes from a Vouvray Brut slices right through the creaminess, while the notes of tree fruit beautifully complement the zesty flavor. Plus, many Vouvray Brut wines are made using the Traditional Method, which adds a biscuity note that tastes amazing with this treat’s already creamy ingredients.

Bite the crunchiness…

Salted Caramel Tart

Crunchy Texture along of long finish. My buddy George Zacharoglou, adores this dessert. We had it a couple of time with mature Barolos. The powerful earthy minerality, the acidity that always is washing up your palate with every sip, makes you eager to go back for another bite.

Carrot Cake
There’s a spiciness to Carrot Cake that pairs beautifully with the nuttiness of a Skin Contact white wine. Try the two incredible Skin Contact white wines from Cyprus,  Vouni Panayias Microvinifications Whole Bunch Xynisteri & Tsiakkas Orange

The tropical character along with the spiciness, the steely yet nutty texture and structure makes you as if you can have some  more…

Crème Brûlée, his old time favourite dessert 

The creamy texture and the vanilla nuances adore an oxidative profile of wine.

The very first time that I had it was on tasting menu of my good friend Chef Chris Theofanous. It was paired with Napoleon Amontillado Sherry from Bodegas Hidalgo.
My fiancée Anita, told me: I love Sherry. I told her that for sure we will get married since you love Sherry.
I can’t number the times that I had these past pairings the last 3 years.

The nutty oxidative profile, seriously cuts through the creaminess. You can barely taste the egg. The caramelized burnt sugar on the top gets so well balanced with the warmness of the alcohol.


I can talk for ages for pairings with desserts that we are skipping out so many times… I do wish that next time we will have the chance to try them and discuss all the possibilities.

P.S: Through his guidance, expertise and knowledge George Loukakis has been a great part of how Phialē Wines was created