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Mario Sheherli's pick for the perfect food & wine pairing

Marios Sheherlis is the Food & Beverage Manager at Aldiana Club Zypern Hotel. With years of experience in the hotel industry Marios passion for food & wine leads to original and delightful pairings. 

Marios pick would be the hotel's signature deep fried Oyster Burger in Japanese cocktail sauce and Baked Quinoa dish paired with Valenciso's Rioja Blanco. "Although some may you to be boat-wearing snobs without a sailing license and others are afraid that their "ordinary" cuisine will offend their taste buds" it is an indeed an exquisite pairing experience. 

Although frying oysters and served as a burger is considered to be a risk itself, Mario believes that the lively fruit and creaminess of Valenciso's Rioja Blanco gives that extra finesse to the little bit of heaven taste in each bite you take.