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Sotiris Neophytidis on how to get the most out of your Sommelier

Sotiris is currently working as a Head Sommelier at Amara Hotel Limassol and is currently preparing for the Master Sommelier Exam. He is also the 2016 & 2018 winner of Cyprus' Best Young Sommelier competition. 

Here are Sotris' tips on how to get the most out of a Sommelier in order to enhance your restaurant dining experience

1. Know your Food!

It is really important for the guest to understand that the main responsibility of a sommelier is to upgrade their dining experience by the food and wine pairing. Therefore,  if the guests know and tell the sommeliers what they are going  to be dining, then the sommelier will help them match the appropriate wine with their food.

2. Just Ask!

If you have any questions about a particular label or producer, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sommeliers are there to give all the important information that you want to know, with fascinating stories behind each label.

3. There is no Right or Wrong

If you want to enjoy a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with your fish or a Sauvignon Blanc with your steak it's ok. Nobody will tell you that you’re in the wrong. Sommeliers are service oriented and at the end of the day we want our guests to feel comfortable. Alternatively, we can offer some other interesting compliments in order to enjoy different pairings.

4. Explore

Sommeliers are there to help you explore lesser known regions with outstanding potential and growth.

I know everybody loves a bottle of Barolo or Brunello but do you know Etna?

There are many upcoming regions in Italy, France and many other European countries that they offer value for money wines with extraordinary quality.

5. Trust your Somm!

Sommeliers are people that even in their free time they study maps, producers and many other beverages in order to provide to the guests the best possible experience.

Trust your Somms!