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Phialē: A bowl or wide cup traditionally used for libations: ritual offerings of wine or olive oil to the Greek gods.

Welcome to Phialē Wines & Foods

Phialē Wines was established in 2016 with one strong philosophy. To create a portfolio of passionate small family wineries from around the world.

It all started with a team of oenophiles whose passion about travelling and tasting wine from around the world has grown to be what Phialē represents today: good wine paired with joyful memories. 

Through our selection, we want to give you authenticity, identity, indigenous character, traditional methods of production, organic and biodynamic farming from family-owned producers.

We are in direct communication with all the wineries we represent. This gives us the ability to built longterm relationships and offer you exquisite wines along with limited edition cuvées.

We are proud to present you our selection that will continually be enriched and updated with new entries and additions.

In November 2020, we expanded our range of products with high quality fine foods always preserving the same philosophy. Small productions, respecting the environment and preserving excellent quality.

Furthermore, our gamut includes artisan distilleries, microbreweries,  and glassware.