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La Stoppa Macchiona  IGT

La Stoppa Macchiona IGT

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Previously, the vineyard was divided into two bodies, La Stoppa and Macchiona. Macchiona is the name of a farmhouse found among the most traditional red grape vineyards of the Colli Piacentini, the qualities of which are most faithfully reflected in this wine.
Classification Indicazione Geografica Tipica Emilia
Variety Barbera 50% Bonarda 50%
First year of production 1973
Agricolture Natural grass between the rows. No fertilizing, weed killers or pesticides. Only sulphur and copper treatments.
Soil Type Clay Silt
Trellis System Guyot and GDC
Age of vines 10, 30, 60
Density 4000/6000 plants per hectare
Vinification 30 days on skins with native yeasts and without sulfites
Maturation 12 months in slavonian oak barrels of 10 and 20 hectolitres
Production 30000 bottles 500 Magnum e 100 double Magnum